App description

The CTA App has 5 tabs: How To’s, Contact us, home, Find us and calendar.

Under the How To’s section: There are written guides for Macbook, Windows and Linux Computers. The charity I’m working with gives beneficiaries refurbished laptops, so users can check these guides to set up their new computers. Additionally, there’s a link to the video setup guides if they prefer to follow the video tutorials. These are in a playlist to allow easier accessibility.

Under the Contact Us section, there’s the charity’s phone for local and international calls, email, and buttons for their social media accounts. From here beneficiaries can access all their pages in one go.

Under the Home page, there are links to the CTA website with useful pages, like how to find out about Digital opportunities, and the latest news about the charity. This is so beneficiaries have an easy-access place to find information and the latest updates.

Under the Find us page, there is a map using mapKit showing the location of the offices. There is also a short description of how to access the premises from outside, which can be daunting if one does not know where they are located. It also has the code needed to call to enter the premises. After pressing the paper kite button, it sends the user to a google maps address where beneficiaries can plan their route to the charity, be it by car, bike, on foot, or public transport.

On the Calendar page there is a calendar that updates in real-time. As a further note, I would try to connect this to the charity’s Google calendar ( using the google API. I was not able to connect these, but I would continue working on this for further iterations. For future iterations I would also consider using FScalendar ( instead of the one I currently have, as I have found more documentation on FScalendar.

The objective of this app was to provide accessible information for beneficiaries who are in receipt of a computer from the charity, to help them get started and access help and useful links that can aid them in their journey and their first steps towards computer literacy. The point of making an app like this is because these users tend to have mobile devices and are more fluent in these so this app can make it easier for them to transfer these skills to their newly acquired laptops.

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