Redesigning the map view

I showed version 1.0. of the app to Cat (the CEO) of the charity:

This feedback is from version 1.0. made me rethink the layout of the app. I realized that adding extra unnecessary visuals could complicate the view and make it more difficult for beneficiaries to navigate.

Version 2.0. takes away the unnecessary visuals but I realized that the way the information was conveyed was not the most efficient. An image of a map is not as useful as a map itself. I also was trying to make a location and contact view in one, to not have to have unnecessary tabs.

From my personal experience, accessing the CTA offices is a bit tricky, as they are part of a shared office building. So from this experience, I went back and wrote down the instructions you need to follow in order to access the office. I added these to the app as just the direction to the office building alone won’t guide you to the CTA office.

The background has an interactive imported Apple mapkit, to aid visual and geographical location. The charity only updates its google maps, so I added an SF symbol button that links to the google maps directions, in case any beneficiary would prefer to use those. These maps have been introduced to help beneficiaries easily find the CTA offices, as in the past some have arrived late saying that they couldn’t find the offices in time, which can be detrimental to them as they could potentially miss workshops and scheduled activities at the charity office.

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