Calendar system and nav

I have implemented a nav system using TabView and .tabitem(). I used the SF symbols App to choose what icons to use.

I wanted to keep the design consistent so I chose .fill items for the first 3 to keep the design consistent. Then for “Find us” I chose the magnifying glass as it represents finding a location. This page is for finding where the charity is located so that was relevant. The calendar was another SF symbol and was the basic calendar icon, which felt appropriate for its function.

For now, I’ve imported the following calendar ( It doesn’t connect to the charity’s google calendar yet, but I’m going to leave it there as a placeholder for the moment as I don’t know if I’m going to have time to sort out the API.

I sent the current app version to the CEO of the charity, and her feedback was the following:

The toggles in the above design look like clickable buttons and are not clear if they have a function or not. I will now go back and re-design the pages that use these toggles for a clearer design that would suit the charity and be easier for the beneficiaries to understand.

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