Idea generation

For my project, I have decided to work with a charity I’ve been helping out. It’s called Community Tech Aid. We clean and wipe used devices and hand them to members of the community who are in need. We also give workshops to bridge the bag of media literacy in the community.

I thought it would be great to make an app for them, so I went in today and ask what they thought. CTA is happy to work with me and get the app up and running. Below are some notes I took from the first interview.

The first idea is to make a ”wiki” so beneficiaries can search for help with their phone. The charity mentioned how users usually are fluent with using there phones, but not as much with laptops. The company’s current advice page is online. The ceo mentioned how the beneficiaries find it easier to navigate apps than websites. It will be design focused, and aim to use the least amount of text possible.

I thought that this may be because more people have phones than they do laptops, but after some research it seems 50-50, I’ll ask the ceo why she think this is next week.

The ceo of the charity mentioned how members of the community seem weary of tech, especially of putting in information. The design has to be very easy to understand, and avoid data collection.

Further accessibility ideas:

-Translation (further step, with help from volunteers to translate into their language, as google translate is wobbly).

– Audio notes instead of writing text for help.

-Also, password management: I predicted this would be dangerous for me to implement as it’s sensitive information and would need encrypting.

-Maybe in the future add approved articles from other websites.


Action plan 1.x. is to design a working figma app, using the company’s designs. Further development is to add animations, videos, audio, anything to make the amount of text as small as possible. I help out at the charity monday mornings, So each monday will be an opportunity to check in with them.

1.0.: For next monday, I will start to design the figma app using the company’s designs. Let’s see how far I get. Then I will show the charity and decide from there how to move forward.

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