CTA V 1.0. interview review

After showing her the Figma, here is the feedback give to me from the Community tech aid CEO :

the yellow and beige contrast colour too low, so I have to check the contrast

Logo: change to a white background instead of turquoise

-CTA has video content available for how to’s, I could add these to the app instead of using text

-Maybe find way around needing google account  to access calendar

-They Like that the calendar blocks out a time slot for one person (don’t make it bookable for more than 1 person)

-As long as it connects to google calendar, its ok that its not google calendar. (Can use other apps)

-I need to remember to make the project inheritable, document and comment code very clear so that they can actually use the app if I ever have to leave

Bookings calendar: dates(to add to the calendar design) Mondays: quick start Wed: repair day

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