Community TechAid

Who are they? It’s a charity I help out with in my free time, here in Vauxhall.

What is Vauxhall? Vauxhall has a mix of rich people and humble hard workers. We are helping the humble workers. Little Portugal is here, a culture of Portuguese and Central and South America. I like Portuguese and c and s Americans because they remind me of Spain. Spain next to Portugal, south americans, we both speak Spanish. We have it in out blood. I like these people we are helping, I’ve met some of them on the street.

The other day, I spoke to trustee in a workshop we were giving. I asked him what music he liked. best question ever. He showed me his music, his music was from his culture, he could have been Venezolano. He wanted to listen, so I asked him if he made playlists and he said he didn’t know how to on the computer, but showed me his youtube songs on his phone.

I wondered about this… he was better at using his phone than using his computer because he had a phone! he had a phone before having a computer.

At CTA, we hand out recycled computers, and we clean them inside and out. computers and we teach the community how to use them to bridge the tech gap and help them create their CVs and so they can access jobs and have equal opportunity.

That’s why I need to make an app for CTA.

The phone is where they access the information about the courses we give. How are they gonna know to find the courses on the computer if this is their first computer! This app should make it easier for them. Using their phone is easier for the beneficiaries, so making an app will incite them to join. If people are learning and understanding new things and this app can help them do that, then that is the key!. If we handed them out a laptop and it’s their first laptop, they are not going to understand it!

So we gotta speak in their language. We gotta make an app for them that they actually feel like using. The more fluidity they get from using the app the more they are gonna wanna use it which in turn means they are going to want to join more workshops, which in turn will make them more knowledgeable, and in the end more happy. Isn’t that beautiful

Explain the information in a simple way. So they can access workshops and see what’s on at Community TechAid.

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